Indospirit Beverages is the manufacturing arm of Indospirit that produces top-notch quality liquors with the help of cutting-edge technology.


The state of art manufacturing facility is spread across 13,000 square meters in Goa.


This highly equipped facility is complete with modern laboratories, unique separate yet integrated manufacturing sections for IMFL, wines, and RTDs, boiling lines and an inventory storage capacity of 6 weeks.



Indospirit's first in-house brand

In January 2018, we launched our first in-house brand- BroCode Crafted Brut. It is essentially a sparkling wine cooler that is smooth & refreshing. A roaring success in the Indian market, BroCode is the spirit of brotherhood and that's exactly what we serve you. Any occasion, any reason, no occasion or simply no reason, chill with the perfect sidekick by your side.

The Plant



• Nearest Airport: Goa, 30Km.

• Nearest Railway Station: Margao, 14 Km.

• Nearest Port: Vasco, 30 Km.

• Total Area: 13000 sq. m.

• Built-up Area: 10000 sq. m.



• Separate yet integrated manufacturing sections for IMFLs, wines, and RTDs


• IMFL capacity: 2,00,000 (9 litre) cases per month


• Winery capacity: 50,000 (9 litre) cases per month


• RTD capacity: 50,000 (9 litre) cases per month


Four, optimally spaced, high-speed automatic IMFL bottling lines.


• One Wine bottling line.


• One RTD bottling line.


• Well-equipped, separate laboratories for IMFL, wines & RTDs.



• All wet goods handling/ storage/ chilling/ blending in insulated SS 304 construction.


• All wet goods storage provided with full containment.


• Empty bottle storage capacity: 4 weeks’ inventory cover.


• Dry goods storage capacity: 6 weeks’ inventory cover.


• Finished goods storage capacity: 4 weeks’ inventory cover.


• Automated man-material lifts, forklifts & conveyors provided.


• 100% PU- flooring to ensure a completely sterile production facility (one of the very few in India).


• 100% LED lighting as per international norms. Modern re-detection, prevention & fighting equipment.


• Well, ventilated work-areas. Sandwiched PUF-insulated galvanised sheet roofing for the entire plant, providing a cool working environment.


• Zero-pollution, Zero-discharge. All refrigerants used are CFC free.


• The location of Goa lends the advantage of producing superior quality products in a pristine environment.


• Automated man-material lifts, forklifts & conveyors provided.



• HACCP and FSSAI compliant unit with ISO quality certification.


• Bottling halls with colour coded, duly covered PU flooring.


• Storage & working areas with VDF flooring suited for mechanised handling of all goods.

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