Are You Awesome?

You’ve Got Company!

Dear creators, builders, boundary pushers & problem solvers

If you are any (or all) of the above, then from here on, the journey is ever escalating, and we would definitely love to have you on board!  We are growing at a much-accelerated speed and we are expanding!

Why join us?

1.  Startup but not a startup
We have been in the game for a while so we know the rules, and we are Only Warming Up! More than 1000 people strong with a net revenue of 500+ crores. We want to forever strive and deliver, deliver, deliver!



2.  Open Culture. Open Office.
Go big. We don’t believe in boundaries. We have a transparent and open work culture that empowers.
3.  It’s Fun

Indospirit gives you the opportunity to work with the best and you get to pick the challenge that excites you the most.

We sell alcohol. 
Nope, wait. 
We Manufacture, Distribute and Sell alcohol. 
We are basically the “life of the party” all around the country. 
Trust us, work is as dynamic as our products.
4.  Explore a career @ Indospirit
There are jobs – and then there are careers. If you are looking for a chance to do the kind of work that gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills – Indospirit is the place to be!

Joining Procedure

Grey Cell Testing

Coffee with us

(maybe more than one)

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